Battery Jump Start Service

Emergency Battery Jump Start Service in Mesa, AZ

Is the inability to start your automobile being caused by a dead battery? If this is the case, please give our towing company a call so that we can dispatch an operator equipped with jumper cables to bring your vehicle’s battery back to life.

Rain or Sun Battery Jump Starting 24/7

Even if it is pouring, it is safe to jump-start a car as long as there is no water dripping down the cables throughout the process.

We work to ensure that the jumpers we use are in good working order and use an umbrella to shield the battery from the elements while we work.

We safely attach the clamps to the jumper wires from our battery to yours and are able to safely jump-start a car even while it is raining!

Steps to Jump Start a Car

We place our tow truck in close proximity to your car, but maintain a safe distance, and ensure that both vehicle’s engines are turned off.

Then we make a connection between the positive terminal of the dead battery and the red (+) clamp.

After that, we connect the red (+) clamp to the positive terminal of the battery that is still functioning. Then attach the clamp with the black (-) symbol to the negative terminal of the battery that is working.

With the tow truck running, the customer tries to jump-start their stalled automobile.

When removing the cables, we make sure to do it in the opposite order that they were attached to prevent injury or damage to the vehicle.

Right Cables & Tools for Safety

We have high-end sets of jumper wires equipped with a pair of spring-loaded clamps, one of which is colored red and the other black.

Clamps that are black are used for negative battery posts or grounding, whereas red clamps are attached to positive battery terminals. It is absolutely necessary to connect the four clamps securely and in the appropriate order.

If the connection is not done correctly, it could cause injury to a person or damage to the vehicle’s electrical system.

Motorcyles, RVs & Marine

It is possible for our tow truck drivers to jump-start a motorbike, motorhome, or boat battery in the event that you find yourself in an unexpected situation without a charged battery.

The differing size batteries do not matter. As long as both the motorbike and the automobile batteries have a negative grounding connection and use 12 volts, they will function without risk to user or vehicle.

However, the usage of jumper cables specifically designed for motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and watercrafts are used whenever possible.

Because the clamps on vehicle jumper cables are larger, safely attaching them to a vehicle other than a car can be a more complicated and challenging process.

How B&M Towing Can Help

Should you not have a working knowledge of how to jump start a car battery, you’re in luck as this is a very common issue that tow truck companies around the globe deal with daily.

Just like changing a flat tire, jumping your car’s battery isn’t something you do frequently and it’s never done when it’s convenient.

We can get an automobile jump-started in a short amount of time, as our techs possess the necessary knowledge and experience needed to get the job done right. Once our driver arrives, you won’t have to wait more than a few minutes to get back on the road.

To perform a jump start on a vehicle yourself, you will need a keep a set of jumper cables, which are sometimes referred to as booster cables, in your trunk. In this case, you can connect the dead battery in your vehicle to the fully charged battery of just about any other vehicle.

But if you don’t carry those cables in the trunk, you’re going to need to call someone that does. Just like B&M Towing! Give us a ring 24/7, regardless of where your car’s located in and around the East Valley!

About B&M Towing

B&M Towing is a tow service company located in Mesa, Arizona. We provide a number of tow-related services, including roadside assistance, vehicle entry when locked out, towing broken down and crashed vehicles, fixing flat tires, bringing gas to drivers who ran empty, and jump-starting batteries.

Reach out today to book a tow service or for roadside assistance.

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B&M Towing

Tow Truck Services in Mesa

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

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Battery Jump Start Service

Jump Start

Is a dead battery preventing your car from starting? If so, give our tow company a call so that we can send out a driver with jumper cables to jump start the life back into your vehicle!

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