Vehicle Lockout Service

Emergency Vehicle Lockout Service in Mesa, AZ

Have you found yourself locked out of your car? There’s no need for concern since we can swiftly send a driver who is equipped with the necessary equipment to unlock your car and have you back on the road in a matter of minutes.

Car Door Unlocking Available 24/7

Too many of us have locked our keys in our cars, especially prior to keyless entry was invented!

When you lock your keys inside your vehicle, you immediately get that “oh shit” sensation, and then you are forced to sit there and attempt to come up with a plan for how you are going to get back inside the darn thing.

How Do Pros Open Locked Car Doors?

Our techs have the tools needed to make entry to your vehicle simple.

He does this by using an airbag, which he presses against the inside of the driver’s door opening on the top side, and then inflating it just enough to make a narrow space.

After the space was made available, he used a lengthy rod to pull the handle of the inside door. This permits him to use the handle on the outside of the door to open it up once the door has been unlocked.

Damageless Opening a Locked Car

When completed in such a manner as to avoid causing any harm to the vehicle, this action must be carried out correctly. It is also possible to use a wedge in lieu of the airbag; however, there is a greater risk that the door frame may get scratched if this option is chosen.

This unlock is carried out by this individual in such a way that it is flawlessly performed, and the task is finished in under a minute.

The owners of the vehicles are usually visibly shocked by how quickly our Mesa towing company are able to resolve the key-inside-the-car issue!

It is important that you bear in mind that despite the fact that this lock out kit is one of the most adaptable ones available to purchase, it is never a good idea to have these tools kept in your own personal vehicle.

It’s important that the person using these tools is knowledgeable and has a good amount of experience to prevent any damage to your car’s paint, door’s hinges, or the door itself.

How B&M Towing Can Help

If the doors of your vehicle are locked and you have no means to get inside in Mesa, our highly regarded team of specialists at B&M Towing can instantly assist you in gaining entry to your vehicle.

Our staff has years of expertise working with a wide variety of automotive locks and scenarios, and as a result, we are certain that we are able to provide a solution to your locked car in Mesa.

If you are on the road and your car locks won’t open, we can help with that too. Just let us know your location.

Our technicians possess the know-how and equipment required to unlock nearly any car door fast and without causing any harm to the vehicle.

We arrive at the location in a matter of minutes and are completely ready to handle the lock scenario that requires attention.

About B&M Towing

B&M Towing is a tow service company located in Mesa, Arizona. We provide a number of tow-related services, including roadside assistance, vehicle entry when locked out, towing broken down and crashed vehicles, fixing flat tires, bringing gas to drivers who ran empty, and jump-starting batteries.

Reach out today to book a tow service or for roadside assistance.

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B&M Towing

Tow Truck Services in Mesa

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

Roadside, emergency assistance service is for flats, dead batteries, fuel delivery, tow, winch, to name a few. We can assist drivers in cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, and RVs.

Vehicle Lockout Service

Vehicle Lockout

Have you just locked yourself out of your car? If so, don't worry as we can quickly dispatch a driver with the tools to get your vehicle unlocked and have you back on the road in no time.
Towing Service

Towing Service

Whether your vehicle has broken down, been involved in an accident, or you simply want it professionally moved across town, our company has the right team for the job!
Flat Tire Service

Tire Change

Do you have a flat tire that's preventing you from getting where you need to go? With our tire change service, we'll quickly show up and change or repair your vehicle's tire.
Fuel Delivery Service

Fuel Delivery

Running out of gas is no fun, especially when it leaves you stranded. Regardless of where you are, road, highway, freeway, off-road, or in your driveway, we'll show up with a can of gas for you.
Battery Jump Start Service

Jump Start

Is a dead battery preventing your car from starting? If so, give our tow company a call so that we can send out a driver with jumper cables to jump start the life back into your vehicle!

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