Do you have questions or concerns about the process of towing a vehicle? If you do, check and see if the answer to your question is included among our FAQs listed below. If not, feel free to reach out to our Mesa tow truck company directly to get a straight answer!

How Much Does Towing a Vehicle Cost?

The distance that a vehicle must be towed over is the single most important factor in determining how much it will cost to tow an automobile. You should expect to pay anywhere from $2.50 to $7.00 for each mile that your vehicle is towed. The average cost of a tow is around $109, but costs may and do fluctuate, so plan to spend somewhere in that range.

Will My Car Insurance Pay the Cost of Towing?

The majority of insurance companies will not reimburse you for the cost of towing your vehicle if it broke down because of a mechanical issue unless you have purchased supplemental coverage for roadside assistance as part of your policy.

Does Towing a Car Add Miles?

Towing a contemporary automobile behind a recreational vehicle (RV) or a tow truck that does not have a flatbed does not, in general, add any miles to the vehicle. To prevent accumulating additional mileage, however, an older vehicle that is fitted with a mechanical odometer will require that the trailer it is pulling be completely loaded.

Can a Towing Company Sell My Car Without a Title?

You do not need to have the title in order to sell your vehicle, regardless of whether it is in good condition or not. When attempting to sell your automobile, you will often be required to provide the title to the vehicle. It is the most honest technique to demonstrate to prospective purchasers that you are the owner of the car and that you did not get it in an improper manner.

Can I Call a Towing Company to Remove a Car?

To have a car removed from private property in Arizona that has been left there unattended or that has been parked there unlawfully, you may contact a local towing firm. However, if you have a broken down clunker you’re trying to get rid of, contact a cash for junk cars company.

Can I Sue an HOA or Apartment Complex for Towing My Car?

If the property owner illegally or wrongfully had your car towed, you may want to think about filing a claim in small claims court against them. You have the legal right to file a claim against an apartment complex or homeowners association in small claims court if, for instance, they failed to post a sign that prominently showed the contact information of a towing firm, as is required by law.

How Can I Stop a Tow Truck From Towing My Vehicle?

On a wheel that is not the driving wheel, you might secure it using a tire lock or a wheel lock. The benefit to you is that it will probably prevent the majority of brackets and dollies from moving your vehicle, which will prohibit the driver of the tow truck from moving your vehicle in any way.

Can Towing a Car in ‘Park’ Cause Damage?

Towing a vehicle while it is in park is known to inflict harm to the vehicle’s key components, particularly if the vehicle has an automatic gearbox. When towing in the park, it is quite probable that the drive wheels may slide, which can cause damage to not only the tires but also the linkages that connect the gearbox to the rest of the vehicle.

What Happens if a Towing Company Damages My Car?

Any towing firm that is worthy of its reputation will accept responsibility for any damages that are incurred as a result of inadequate towing methods. In addition to this, you should contact the company that provides your insurance as soon as possible in order to keep them updated on the situation. In order to go on to the following phases, you will need to have a professional give you an estimate of how much money the damages will cost.